Dating ho chi minh dating national resonator guitars

Somewhere like the Philippines the people really like foreigners and the girls sort of give an expat rock star status.That isn’t the same in Vietnam for the vast majority of the girls.You will still be able to get some dates, but the girls also are some of the least slutty in Southeast Asia.This is generalizing of course, there are some slutty women everywhere, but there are far fewer here then in most major cities across the world.

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You can easily get a hotel near Bui Vien for a night or less and search for longer term options on foot.

The cost of living in Ho Chi Minh City for an expat should be on par with what you would expect to pay in just about any major city in SEA.

Maybe a bit less then somewhere like Manila or Jakarta because the apartments will be cheaper.

You used to be able to extend the 3 month ones without a visa run, but as of a few months ago you can’t do that anymore.

There is also no retirement visa in Vietnam like there are in most Southeast Asian countries.

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