Dating girl vietnamese

I didn’t want her to think I was going to fall in love though so I said how in my culture guys want to have sex first then decide if they’re compatible with the girl.She replied how American girls are sluts and hoes 😀 I used lots of ‘if’ so that I didn’t lead her on. If she was good in bed I’d definitely come back to Vietnam and see her again.Also got a Wechat hooker over, one of the worst P4P experiences I’ve ever had. So it got to the point where my flight was the next day, and I regretted investing so much time in this girl.Annoying random replies and it seemed like she wanted me to tell her I loved her, like a romance movie.

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I didn’t care and wouldn’t have said anything if she’d just let me bang her but she’s expecting me to be the perfect gentlemen while she’s probably banging some guy.

I’d been reading on some monger forums that this is basically what Viet dudes do with girls, promise them the world, undying love, say they’ll take care of them etc. I reiterated how most western guys will need to bang before deciding on a relationship, let alone falling in love, and mentioned the third date rule.

I was pretty bored at this point and had a different girl lined up.

I’d noticed it said ‘in an open relationship’ so called her out on it.

I wouldn’t normally lose my cool like this but she’d been lecturing me about one night stands etc.

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