Dating furniture by casters

Casters: Small wheels mounted on a swivel frame and then attached to a base.and open shelves above, originally dating from seventeenth-century England.By simply examining the type and characteristics of the castors, experts are able to identify the time range in which they are manufactured.This allows antique dealers and collectors to price the furniture appropriately.An Egyptian folding stool dating from about 1500 bce fulfills the.There are chairs that can be folded up, chairs on wheels, and chairs on.Perfect Match This dresser was one step away from the dumpster. After doing a little research, I found this to be salvageable and I was happy to find your website. Easy install and a wonderful, historically accurate addition to my home. Sorry – took forever to find a window to get this installed – but I finally did – AND LOVE the results! We purchased a second set for our back unit in 2018 because we are so happy with them. great hinges I mistakenly ordered the brushed nickel hinges and called the company right after ordering to change it to the polished nickel hinges. Perfect addition to any home I got this piece to go along with our turn that we also purchased and this is absolutely beautiful.

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Stem casters mount inside furniture legs, while cup casters support the.

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If you are not confident or if you do not trust your antique dealer, might as well get a second or third opinion from someone who you think is trustworthy.

Do not forget that the antique industry is filled with scammers and opportunists who are only waiting for you to fall into their traps.

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