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Another — who is a doctor — is in a relationship with a Frenchman (yes, they spent the summer lolling around Paris).A third friend is going out with a hot young Romanian guy. So why are these multicultural pairings possibly working? To begin with, regardless of educational levels and college degrees, the differences in customs and sometimes languages make American women and foreign men instantly more interesting to each other.’ I had my choice from a wide array of very attractive men.” She had wonderful vacation trysts on both her trips this year, is still in touch with the men she “selected,” and intends to visit them again. “I’m still attractive, still womanly, and I still deserve passion…This was in contrast to her dating experiences in the city where Kristen found that “most men my age, in their 40s, were married, gay, confirmed commitment-phobics or looking for women in their 20s.” Which is another point, many foreign men seem to like mature women. I just don’t get it from American men,” says Kristen.

“In my experience, other cultures highly respect and regard women.When reading each profile, these foreign guys can get to know the history of each lady about marital preferences, interests, hobby, education, career, likes, dislikes.American women are the most popular women on the world.“I’m done with American guys — but they were done with me first, so I’m sure they won’t mind.” Another reason multicultural dating might work?Foreign men don’t seem as intimidated by successful females and in many cases, they’re actually impressed by it.

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