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The Premier Online Community for serious singles who are looking for age gap relationships(older women dating younger men and older men dating younger women)!Meet hot older women, handsome younger men, rich older men, beautiful younger women for compatibility and serious relationships.Both our female and male clients were open to meeting potential matches who were several years younger or older than themselves.What they were seeking above all was a genuine connection, with a partner that was emotionally available and open to a great relationship.Some rules simply faded away, while others rode the coattails of broader societal changes over time.

Check out their profiles and you’ll find that many only want to date younger women. Of course, after he died she was alone again at 77. And I have to be honest — If I could attract a man who was not only perfect for me but ten years my junior?

When he encountered health problems, she had the strength and stamina to care for him in a way that she might not have had she been his age. The 60-year-old man who’ll go out with a woman who is 59. When I come upon a guy like this, I usually send him a brief mocking note.

My dad, at 72, fell in love with a 62-year-old woman and they were happy together until he died 15 years later. Which is why that “We Absolutely Can’t Be The Same Age” deal breaker really sticks in my craw. Why not inject a little reality into the situation?

Most clients were more interested in meeting someone with whom they shared similar lifestyles, energy, goals and values, rather than someone who was of a specific age.

For most of these members, I learned that, "age ain't nothing but a number".

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