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He will take puzzle pieces, legos, blocks and just doze and dump all day long. I set up three large trays and filled them with beans and dry macaroni.

I just couldn’t deal with sand and dirt in the house 😛 although I am still finding pinto beans on the ground.

Because the intent was for the invitation to be “blueprint”esque–large and thin paper.

I ended up just printing them on my laser printer which also reduced cost.

Inside each child’s toolbox, they received a small construction truck to take to the construction yard to dig around. My son was at this station for about four hours (with a lunch break of course) and the kids all played at this station the longest. Initially, I was going to purchase a few small construction books but being the graphic designer that I was, IT DIDN’T MATCH!

Construction Party Invitations For the invitations, I’ve always found blueprints to be just so cool and I thought it would be a fun way to incorporate into the party invitation and mail it off in a shipping tube. A little on the pricey side to ship, but with a small guest list of ten, it was manageable.I thought it would be fun to make him some XL roads–or as my son calls them, “woads” for the party.I lined the tables with some black paper and using some bright yellow duct tape, added the yellow lines and dashes.Yes, yes, it seems as if the blog has become the neglected second child but my excuse is–I had a second child.With that said, I have a post loaded with visual goodies for you.

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