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Sea World, Dream World, Movie World, Wet ‘n’ Wild – my daughter has been to them all. They also go on lots of trips, go to fun fairs regularly and just tend to do a lot of exciting activities in general. For your ex that might be cinema visits, bowling, ice-skating, the list goes on… Within most failed marriages, guilt is usually felt by both spouses.There may be guilt because of the changes that divorce has created for the family, changes that may have created a less than pleasant atmosphere and environment.The lack of physical time with your children can create a feeling of insecurity.These insecurities can create questions such as will the kids love their mom more than me, will they become attached to my ex-wife’s new dating partner, and if so, where will this leave me and so forth.

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Often times, parents become overindulging with their kids due to the mixture of these emotions and changes that divorce brings. Unfortunately for us, it means that when our kids come back to us, we have to deal with some challenging behavior while we get things back to (our) “normal” (and our child comes down from that sugar high). Nothing to do with his lifestyle, or with the three cars and three bedroom house that he lives in on his own. All because of the child support that he is forced to pay and that is running him dry, of course. My ex has taken it upon himself to issue me with a debt that I apparently owe HIM because Child Support Australia took money out of his account because of a child support debt he had accumulated. It might be because of the guilt they feel for not seeing their kids regularly. But I suspect in most cases it’s to win the kids over and be their best friend. Do you believe that overindulging makes them love you more?Kids need structure, security and even boundaries that can only be found from parents.

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