Dating delft porcelain

The Dutch tile industry began in the 16th century in Antwerp, a thriving port with a diverse population that included many residents from other countries, including potters from Italy.

Their work included tiles in vivid colors of blue, green, purple, yellow-orange and an orange-like brown.

Our guide was knowledgeable but not much action was going on while we were there.

The store had lots for sale and it seemed that was the only... We are happy you learned a lot and you found our guide as knowledgeable.

Its cool you get to see the artists performing their craft and the... Arrive there and the tour is free - you might just need to wait a few minutes before one starts. IF you are lucky ( like we were) there will not be a tour bus full of people ( there was one as we were leaving....)This place is charming, quaint and so peaceful .

It was interesting to see the whole process of how the items are made and we were able to watch... The workers obviously adore their job which is a passion they friendly share.

Get a masterclass in Delftware (or Delft Blue) pottery on a private tour and pottery workshop at the Delftse Pauw factory in Delft.

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Just sad I had to call to make sure they shipped my stuff.I highly recommend this private tour and will cherish this special afternoon for a long long time if not ever .We learned a lot about Delft Pottery and how they have had to innovate to stay relevant.Several factors contribute to determining when and where an antique Dutch tile was made, including: the type of clay used, the thickness and texture of the tile -- early tiles are usually thicker and rougher than later versions -- the glaze, the subject of the design, and the maker's marks.Rare tiles command the highest prices, but with few exceptions, the names of most historical ceramicists are unknown.

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