Dating county down

The advantages that often accompany these relationships are leading to an uptick.

“Over the next years, you’re going to see workplace romances increasing,” Heathfield says.

In this case, only the person who’s dating you gets the benefit of your expertise — which why it’s ideal for you not to be on the same team or department in the first place.

Some companies may actually insist on a relationship contract, or a signed statement that you’re in a consensual relationship, which safeguards the company from any claims of unchecked sexual harassment or inappropriate behavior.From a social (and ethical) standpoint, consider people who are already attached to be off-limits — no exception.“Co-workers and bosses do not react favorably to relationships between married people,” Heathfield says.“This can lead to hurt feelings and resentment.”Still, take into consideration the nature of the relationship — because if it’s not serious, it may not be worth the trouble of disclosing it.If you both understand that it’s casual, happen to have the right circumstances (like being in different departments, which could mean fewer mutual colleagues), and are careful to act professionally at work, there may not be any need to do so.

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