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Further prodding his pity, she said she wanted to meet someone to talk but did not have anyone since she had just come to Singapore. The pair settled at a bar, where the woman ordered some red wine and asked if he wanted a cup which he refused.

Mr Xie eventually agreed to meet her at a shopping mall in Selegie Road for dinner. Before even finishing her wine – which he said hardly smelled of alcohol – a waiter approached him to settle the bill.

Called Maybe, the platform lets you pick a date from a panel of good-looking men and women. Source Singaporean You Tuber Umehara Keiji, intrigued by the service, decided to ‘purchase’ a dating opportunity himself. You shake hands, sip some coffee, make small talk etc.

His video is now trending #1 on You Tube’s Gaming segment. Source According to the lady, the date usually only consists of conversation over a meal.

The woman under the alias of “Invisible Wings”, initiated a conversation with Xie.

Anyone with online dating experience would know that this was already a warning sign.

While chatting, the woman would ask him questions like “Have you had lunch? ” even though they haven’t met — another telltale sign that she probably had ulterior motives.

Following recommendations from friends who had found their partners online, Ms Peh decided to give dating apps a shot several months after her break-up.Of course, there are goods and bads to renting a date.If you have money and you want companionship without the commitment, this will work.Spider-senses tingling, he went online to see if anyone else had similar experiences.Xie found that there’s actually a popular scam in China where bars will get staff to befriend others online to trick them into visiting the bar.

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