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The farmers tried to combat the rising water by draining the peat via small man-made canals, which are still visible in the archaeological record.

But because peat settles much more than other soil types, when the land was drained, it lowered in elevation.

That attack and the ensuing fire left only a handful of buildings still standing.

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To the surprise of the city archaeologists, they found extensive remains dating to this period during the Markthal excavations.

De mogelijkheden hem of haar tegen te komen zijn immers eindeloos en laagdrempeliger dan ooit tevoren.

The skyscrapers of Rotterdam rise high above the banks of the Nieuwe Maas, a channel of the Rhine Delta, whose rivers snake their way across most of the southern Netherlands.

At a depth of some 33 feet they encountered a well-preserved terp, or a raised earthen mound, on which they found the remains of six distinct farmsteads dating from 950 to 1050.

In the terp’s trash heaps archaeologists discovered a wealth of plant remains, mainly oats, barley, and emmer wheat, that offer a look at what the Rotta farmers cultivated.

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