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“But I’ve treated you so awful in the past,” he shot back.“You’re the last person that should be giving me this.” We talked for about 20 minutes more before we parted ways and drove home.He jokingly started referring to me as his therapist.It was all well and good until my absentmindedness caused me to make a little innocent mistake that Josh interpreted as not so innocent.So, being the eccentric writer that I am, I typed away until 4 in the morning, pecking out Bible verses and things that I wanted to tell him but couldn’t ever say right in person.

Moved by the beauty of it all, Josh’s words from months ago came to my lips: “I don’t deserve this.” See, that’s the thing about grace: No one ever deserves it.After the book, Josh and I started spending more time together.We ate fast food often (grilled chicken sandwiches and side salads, mind you, with fat- free French) and talked on the phone for hours.Fortunately, both Josh and I had mellowed out a bit since our days as fourth-grade nemeses, and we talked on the phone and ate out a few times.My picture of him became less obnoxious-spoiled-rich-kid and more someone lonely, hurt and misunderstood.

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