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It has always puzzled me why this was made with such a narrow, reverse peak rim as the stock rim.

It is a rather extreme design and it is actually sharper in contour than on the older mouthpiece on the left.

i open this topic beacause i can't find technical info about these mpcs on web.

i heard people saying that Heim 2 is equal to bach 10-1/2 and people saying that Heim 2 is equal to bach 7C...

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They vary._________________Mouthpiece Maker vintage Trumpet design enthusiast of my posts are done with my phone on the fly, and it will sometimes auto-correct in some pretty unusual ways.

Fortunately, better Giardinelli mouthpieces from this era have screw rims which could be made in shapes that better suit the average player.

In this era their quality control was good which is another part of why they became such standard models.

it simply has "FRANK HOLTON & CO" "HEIM MODEL" with an inner diameter of .620 or so with a deep V shape and a flat rim, very small in height and weight.

I think it's from the 30s and seems to follow the description of the #1.

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