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First, an employer cannot dismiss an employee during the first two years of sickness.

Second, an employee retains the rights to receive a salary.

An employer cannot simply unilaterally end your employment agreement.

They may, however, end the contract during your probationary period. If you are offered a temporary (or definite) contract, and of course this happens often, keep the following in mind: the 3x2x6 rule applies.

If this happens, always ask for an appointment with the company doctor.

This doctor is the only person who can decide whether you have the right to stay at home and get paid your salary or not. Make sure that you take into account other clauses in an employment contract.

Don't forget to ask for payment of outstanding days at the end of the employment agreement. Most employers offer a pension to their employees but, generally speaking, it is not an obligation.

This is one of the most important issues in Dutch employment law.

Also, there may be a non-compete and relations clause.

This clause may prevent an employee from working in the same field or for a competitor.

Employees in my practice often think a non-compete will not be upheld strictly at the end of an employment agreement and this is not the case. Since January 1, 2015, a non-compete clause is not allowed in contracts which have a definite term unless the employer can explain that this is necessary due to urgent business reasons.

However, an employee must adhere to the notice period, either the statutory notice period or the contractual one.

The statutory notice period is always one month for the employee.

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