Dating and confused rules of internet dating for men

A few times we’ve been together he’s said I’m going to miss you now but then I never say it back as feel a little uncomfortable even though I want to say it! I think that's it really, sounds like he's playing it cool because he's worried about coming across too eager.

If he says he will miss you again respond with "How about we meet up insert day of you choosing then you won't have to miss me?

So we went out for drinks, he literally planned our 2nd date we even went out the first time. Thanks so much– Cindy ______________________Hey, Cindy… glad to hear your good experiences with the program…!

Hi ladies, Soo after being single for 6months I went on my first date about a month ago with a guy I met online.

The first date was amazing we went around a few bars, we’ve had 4 dates so far.

It feels like there’s a great spark there and a lot of chemistry. When we’re together he seems like he’s very into me, he’s always trying to sit so close to me and will always pay me a compliment.

He seems really interested in me and asking questions about my life, laughing at my jokes etc etc.

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