Dating and anxiety and statistics

In fact, using dating apps are perfect for individuals who have anxiety.Not only do you get to check people out before initiating conversation (not only photos, but bios, likes, dislikes, and information about them), but you can also take time to formulate what you want to say and how you want to approach people you are interested in.When it comes to mental health and mental health disorders, anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States—affecting 40 million adults every year.While anxiety disorders are treatable, the Anxiety and Depression Association of America claims that only 36.9% of those suffering from an anxiety disorder receive proper treatment.

Thanks to technology and social media, you don’t have to go in blind meeting individuals.You will meet people who understand and are okay with making small compromises to ensure you’re comfortable. No matter how old you are — there is no such thing as a “timeline.” Everyone goes through life at different paces.Just because your friends are getting married, doesn’t mean you need to get married.And, if you’re someone who deals with anxiety on an everyday basis, you’d know that your disorder gets in the way of things you want to do.For many, social situations and meeting new people bring on anxiety in ways they cannot control and due to this, dating becomes incredibly hard… While anxiety affects all individuals differently, many who experience anxiety in dating do so for several reasons.

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