Dating agencies for wealthy people

Though I dated lots of guys casually, I didn't get married until I was in my thirties. Back then most guys couldn't handle that work was my first priority. in biochemistry and specialized in cancer drug development.But when I met my husband, who worked in the oil industry, on a golf course, I was smitten.He was exactly what I wanted in a partner: fun, funny, and not intimidated by my career.Though I no longer work, most of my money comes from the wealth my husband and I accumulated during our marriage and the investments I've made, which I now live off of.The base fee for Selective Search is ,000, which includes 10 introductions in one region of the country.

But after he passed away, I needed time to get my head together before meeting new men.

In June 2016, roughly a year after I signed up, Jessica matched me with a Dan.

When we spoke on the phone for the first time, we talked and laughed for hours.

Besides the personal attention my agent provided, I met lots of guys who weren't turned off by my lifestyle and had lots in common with me.

Actually, on my first phone date via Selective Search, we chatted for nearly eight hours!

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