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The message is simple -- and urgent: Always use a condom.Whether or not pregnancy is a possibility, you need to make sure you are protected from HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.At the same time, if you're craving adult companionship and maybe even a little romance, don't be shy about filling those needs -- and the dating world is an excellent place to start! Should you try online dating or do it the old-fashioned way, finding dates through friends and acquaintances?To help you along the way, Web MD offers these tips from the experts on how to get started. San Francisco psychologist Jonathan Rosenfeld points out that dating is a numbers game: You're probably going to have to meet a lot of people before you find someone you really like.So, don't hesitate to slow things down if your date is ready, but you are not.There are no "shoulds" when it comes to dating at midlife and physical intimacy, and you have a right to go at your own pace.

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What's important to remember here is: It's your timetable.

"If you are a busy adult with work you're committed to, and children at home, then you have to make dating efficient," Rosenfeld says.

"And there is no more efficient vehicle than the Internet." "Remember that you are looking for a good fit, not validation," Rosenfeld continues.

Moreover, if you do want to start dating again, you won't have to look far to find companionship!

According to the online dating company,, baby boomers are its fastest-growing group of members.

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