Dating a kenmore sewing machine

I was glad to pass it on (she's delighted with it) because my kitchen shelves are already a sewing machine parking lot of old machines bought for a song, cleaned and repaired and ready for action.It was when I brought the cast iron treadle home that hubby said, "Enough!! I bet if you watch your local Craigslist sales online, you'll find another (and another, and another....).I used mine to put hubby's name on an auto mechanic shirt he found in a thrift shop, and now it's his go-to shirt for woodworking.It's funny how delighted people are by seeing their names! :) Mary I stiil have, and use, the buttonholer attachment that came with Mom's old cast-iron Singer in 1954.I taught myself much about garment and slipcover construction is a similar way many years ago. Best wishes, Simonsue Hiya back, Oh, I sure didn't learn all there is to learn about sewing machine innards, but I sure enjoyed taking it all apart and seeing what every bit does. I downloaded a free service manual from their site that showed exploded views of each service area in the machine.I took apart each area, studied it and then put it back together before moving onto the next one.

I had bought a used metal Universal machine over 40 years ago for .00.

And think of all the things you could monogram - you could name the machine and then artfully label its cover!

You could embellish a scrap of fabric with random single letters and make a whimsical clutch purse!

The buttonholer uses templates to make nice, precise-sized buttonholes. You can learn to make custom-sized holes by cranking the knob back to the 'end' position and moving the fabric up, so the buttonhole is extended.

You are so lucky to have found that machine, the buttonholer, and the monogrammer! They save you a lot of learning time, and shows you tricks you might not come up with on your own. Just remember to move it back again on the other side of the hole.

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