Dating a girl with alot of guy friends

But your guy friends tell it like it is — a guy that likes you wouldn't ghost you, so it's time to move on. At the same time, their friendly advice is useless.

Your girlfriends are jumping through hoops to explain why that guy from study hall ghosted you, because they're your number one fan and want you and your crush to work out.

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I will not date a woman who hangs out with or talks to other guys on the side (friends-wise).I'm looking for a woman's perspective here (though feel free to fire-away guys)...I have recently started dating a woman who makes it known (albeit all-to-often), that she talks to and hangs out with some of her guy friends.Just because you get along and have a great time together doesn't mean you're soul mates, gosh. Whenever they learn something new (and gross) about periods, they feel the need to confirm the information with you. They'll never understand your obsession with One Direction, or Kylie Jenner. They say that they were friends with their ex first and they always wanted more from the beginning. " The key is that YOU don't want anything romantic with your guy friends, so it shouldn't matter. Your guy friends get protective if they don't like the person you're into. It's bittersweet whenever one of them gets a girlfriend. Girls pretend to be your bestie just to get in with your guy friends.You totally connect when it comes to your love for the Cubs, but they always draw a blank when you start fangirling over One Direction (or whatever boy band you're into at the moment), or obsessing over Kylie and Tyga's latest snapchat vid. The thing is, they're horrible at expressing why they don't like them. And expressing feelings is pretty much not a thing. And how does being friends with dudes make you anti-girls? Or they assume you are hooking up with all your guy friends. You just want him to be happy, so him being happy with another girl makes you happy. They get jealous that you know more about their bae, and worry that something's going on between you two even though you guys are totally like brother and sister. Whenever some girl has a crush on one of your guy friends, she suddenly starts talking to you in class and texting you to hang out.

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