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As you consider whether a group decision needs the full-on DACI treatment, take the timeliness and impact into account.

Decisions that affect the work of multiple people on the project (e.g. This may be multiple people per decision, and may even include someone from outside the core team. Note that this may include people outside the core team.

Decisions are made at the right level with an appropriate degree of urgency and discussion in considering both short and long term implications, with trade-offs actively considered. Then you add the opinions of teammates, stakeholders, customers, and your boss to the equation... If we don't approach decisions about our projects with urgency, they stall out because nobody is making the call on things.

Decisions at work are even harder because the stakes feel higher.

If you're close to making the call, it might be helpful to include the approver, too.

Let people express their concerns, recommendations, ideas for other options to consider, etc.

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An hour of hashing it out in person can save you days of comment (or – horrors!

– email) threads, and get your decision back on track. The DACI play can be a stressful, especially if decisions are contentious or politically-charged.

If you've ever found yourself standing at the counter of your favorite sandwich shop tormented by the question of whether to get the Reuben or the turkey, you know this universal truth: decisions are hard.

And if we don't agree on whose call it is, we end up revisiting decisions over and over, which further delay our progress.

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