Creating dating website dreamweaver

You’ll need to add in your first name, last name, country, street address, city, zip code, phone number, and email address.Your receipt will be sent to the email address you enter here.No-one can find out that you are the owner of your domain.Once paid and registered, you’ll be able to create your password: UPDATE: I made a simple guide for Bluehost (which package to choose & how to install Word Press).They are also one of the most popular hosting providers on the market, so they are definitely well-established and secure enough to host your website.Although most of their servers are based in the US, they can handle a lot of traffic from across the world. As someone who lives in , where I’ll explain how you can set up your website.

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Their introductory price starts from .75/mo and they’re currently throwing in a domain name for free (first year)– so it’s worth checking them out.

If you aren’t ready to choose a domain right off the bat, you can do it at a later point in your website setup.

To create your account, just enter in your personal information on the “create your account” page.

Almost every reliable and well-established hosting company has integrated 1-click-installation for Word Press, which makes getting going a snap.

If you signed up with or any other similar hosting company, you should find your “1-click-installation” in your account control panel.

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