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The last thing you want is to become a pen pal with women on dating sites. Women will not hesitate to give you their number when they’re interested in you.

If they hesitate just walk away and find someone who does want to meetup.

Cautionary advice always be careful on these free sites; sometimes scammers will contact with ridiculous sob story preying on your philanthropic spirit.

Do you want to get fun postcards except annoying bills? Pen pals just send and receive post cards from around the world.

If a woman’s into you she’ll gladly give you her number. If you notice, the sentence I use gets her to agree when I ask “right?

This doesn’t mean ask for her number in your first email but you should swap 4-5 messages to see if there’s a natural ebb and flow to your conversation. If you want detailed steps of how to ask a woman out, I covered it in this blog post, How To Ask A Woman Out On A Dating Site In 3 Simple Steps. ” In my experience, most women give me their number using a sentence like this.

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If you’re messages turn into 1 sentence messages like “How’s your day” or “Anything fun planned for the weekend?

Your time is valuable so why invest time in someone who has no intention of meeting you when you could be focusing on a woman who does want to meet you.

I suggest you ask her for number sooner than later.

According to the numbers, Postcrossing is incredibly popular in many countries worldwide.

Read also – 9 Fun Texting Games to Play with Your Friends Interpals is another website for forging inter global relations and have friends from around the world.

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