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Are there any quick tricks to help you auto update a chart when you add new data to an existing chart range in Excel?

Auto update a chart after entering new data with creating a table Auto update a chart after entering new data with dynamic formula You may be familiar to view multiple webpages in Firefox/Chrome/IE, and switch between them by clicking corresponding tabs easily.

Out of curiosity, I checked under Noticing I had the option to get updates from more than one place enabled; I tried my luck and turned it off. Since writing this article, I have not heard my CPU fan rev up.

This does not isolate other factors that might contribute to excessive CPU usage.

I decided to seek some expert advice and was told to disable the ; expand your user account tree, select the Host Process for Setting Synchronization then click Disable.

In the Create Table dialog box, if your data has headers, please check My table has headers option, then click OK. And the data range is formatted as a table, see screenshot: 4.

First, launch Task Manager, press then click the Processes tab.

Click the CPU column to sort applications and processes by CPU cycles.

Here I can introduce you a complex dynamic formula method. First, you need to create a defined name and a dynamic formula for each column.

Click Formulas Note: In the above formulas, the OFFSET function refers to the first data point, and the COUNTA refers to the entire column of data. After defining the names and formulas for each column data, then right click any column in your chart, and choose Select Data, see screenshot: 5.

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