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Figure out authentic and innovational options from specialist and professionals!You’re in deep with credit cards, student loan payments and car loans.So, that means you shelled out ,282 , although often the terms are used interchangeably.Pay attention here, because these crafty companies will stick it to you if you’re not careful.Get the facts before you consolidate your debt or work with a settlement company.Here are the top things you need to know before you consolidate your debt: But here’s the deal: Debt consolidation promises one thing but delivers another.But here’s the downside: It will now take you 58 months to pay off the loan.And now the total loan amount would jump to ,103.

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Debt settlement companies also charge a fee for their "service." Often, the fee is anywhere from 15–20% of your debt.

If that’s not bad enough, fraudulent debt settlement companies often tell customers to stop making payments on their debts and instead pay the company.

Once their fee is accounted for, they promise to negotiate with your creditors and settle your debts. Well, the debt settlement companies usually don’t deliver on helping you with your debt after they take your money.

In other words, they haven’t established good money habits for staying out of debt and building wealth.

Their behavior hasn’t changed, so it’s extremely likely they will go right back into debt.

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