Cons of dating a military guy

This dedication to their country has drawn you to them, but it could also be the thing that draws you far apart emotionally and geographically.

If you are currently or are considering becoming romantically involved with someone who is currently enlisted in the military, it is important that you consider that their desire to be with you does not come first.

It is not always the case that dating someone in the military means sacrificing your ability to keep in contact with them at all while they are gone.

No, you will not have the comfort and convenience of civilian relationships where you usually live in the same city or at least the same country and have access to communications.

You cannot constantly accuse each other of foul play.

The most important warning is that you will need to be able to handle a long distance relationship for an extended period of time.

In the military, soldiers are sent to far and remote places that most of us would never dream of going to.

For one, you have the pride of dating someone who is selflessly offering their service to the country they love.It will be difficult to be without him for up to a year at a time, but you will need to keep it in perspective as he is demonstrating his duty to his country first.If it is meant to be, your relationship can hit full swing when he returns safe and sound.Again, the potential to have a long-term relationship with a military man is a great positive for these types of relationships.Obviously, they are no stranger to the concept of commitment and may be willing to fully commit themselves to you when they return.

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