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If you don’t go to court for your trial, your landlord will probably win and you will be evicted.

If this happens, a marshal can make you move out with as few as 24 hours’ notice.

The mediation specialist will try to help you and the landlord make an agreement (also called a stipulation) instead of having a trial. If you lose your case, you will have to move out in as few as five days.For example, if you hired someone to fix damage or you bought the parts to fix damage yourself, keep the receipts.If the landlord says you allowed someone to live with you who was not allowed to live there, get proof that the person lived somewhere else.Yes, but your landlord must get the court’s permission first.Unless the court agrees with the eviction, your landlord must not If you don’t want to leave, follow the steps below to try to stop the eviction.

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