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Added minor missing script fix on the DG USKP branch.[2014-07-14] Version 1.87: Added fix for amulet of Julianos from USKP.

Made companionshousekeepingscript more robust against other mods altering the properties on the quest, such as the a Midian Born Skyforge Steel optional esp.

Added translations for all languages I have the source files for.

To make your custom race fully compatible ensure that your vampire race has the "vampire" keyword, if you had not added that already.

Every custom race known at that time is then added to Sacrosanct.[2016-11-06] Version 1.101: Better Vampires 7.5 support.[2016-11-06] Version 1.100: Better Vampires 7.4 support.[2016-09-18] Version 1.99: Fixed Better Vampires 7.3 support.[2016-09-15] Version 1.98: Updated to Better Vampires 7.3. Please update to 1.99[2016-03-04] Version 1.97: Updated to Better Vampires 7.2.

Updated documentation to make it clear USKP and USLEEP are both supported.[2015-09-07] Version 1.96: Updated to Better Vampires 7.1.[2015-06-09] Version 1.95: Updated to Better Vampires 7.0.[2015-05-27] Version 1.94: Updated to Better Vampires 6.9.[2015-05-23] Version 1.93: Updated to Better Vampires 6.8.[2015-05-03] Version 1.92: Updated to Better Vampires 6.7.[2015-03-26] Version 1.91: Repackaged several translations.[2015-02-23] Version 1.90: Updated to include latest USKP changes.[2014-12-14] Version 1.89: Repackaged to include some missing languages[2014-07-14] Version 1.88: Added manual installation instructions.

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This package allows mod authors to make mods based on the Race to work properly with Dawnguard.

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