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However, if the conversation seems to be going well, most of the time I’d suggest an exchange of We Chat contact, and nearly 70% time I’d get them. Even if you get connected on We Chat, some girls may block or delete you. In any case, once blocked, you won’t be able to send her messages. I always admire them for their amazing dressing sense.

Imagine, still a girl comes poorly dressed for a date. She has no romantic interest in you -at least for the time being. When Chinese women pay your dinner/drinks bills (or send you the bill amount by We Chat) on the first/second date, she is not interested in you romantically.

She was a traditional girl (which is none of my business) – it’s just that I took time to understand. You can just remove a non-suitable person from your We Chat contact list.

I didn’t say anything to her, just removed the contact from my We Chat. I’ll have a detailed post coming up soon about how to have a solid We Chat dating game in China.

Anyways, later I sent her a red packet with RMB 72, and she didn’t open it – so the money was returned to me after 24 hrs. Now I have a better sense of what could have possibly transpired in her mind.

Well, if you are consistently receiving text message replies after a gap of several hours, just move on! I was travelling solo and had plans to visit new places.

So, the aim of this post in not teaching you how to find a Chinese girlfriend.

Rather, you’d learn how to filter out a girl not interested in you, let her go, move on and focus your energy on courting a woman who is indeed genuinely interested in you. We Chat is an extremely popular messaging App in China. Assuming that the girl you are interested in has a We Chat account, but she doesn’t want to add you -ever wondered why? If a Chinese woman comes on a very first date in the same dress that she was wearing during your first meet up (e.g.

Over a period of time I’ve observed certain signals consistently thrown by Chinese women potentially indicating that they’re not into you.

I remember once inviting a girl for a dinner date, but she had some work in the evening and we agreed for a coffee.

During the meet up – I bought coffee for the two of us (RMB 18*2=36).

How does Well, in China, the culture is quite different from the West.

The language is different and the ways of commutating feelings and opinions are often subtle and more indirect.

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