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I showed some of the Flirtmoji to a friend, and she wasn’t surprised when I told her that you’re a woman. And that’s so beautiful, coming from another woman, that she saw that. Right, so I noticed that the free set of Flirtmoji don’t have hair, and I was wondering about that decision. I’m really glad you’re bringing that up because I feel like I’m being held accountable for that.

The project launched on Tuesday, so How did Flirtmoji come to be? All four of us had experience with jokingly and poorly substituting the existing emojis into text conversations to try to communicate sex, and it never worked.

Some of these, like the vulva in particular, are really detailed and surprisingly anatomically correct.

Did you have to think about ways to also make them sexy? That’s where some of the most heated debate came out. And yes, part of being inclusive is that it’s all sexy.

Eggplant This symbol is more frequently a symbol of male genitalia than it is of the actual vegetable.

The banana symbol is also frequently used in the same way.

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