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KITSCH: That could be a silverlining, a blessing in disguise, with the 22 episodes. KITSCH: When we hit camera I would say there were six scripts.

I have a buddy from Austin coming up to do it with me. With this [show], having a wife, being married and having that relationship, I always thought it was very important to keep it grounded in some form of reality. Tell me about how you guys have got along and that process. People were talking about Sundance yesterday—I’d rather not be here for Sundance. It’s not quite as big and they don’t have the barbecue. I heard one song on a film, and I started listening to that one song and it reignited a little Bruce Springsteen. It was never, he was trying to make his mark on this so we had to do it this way. KITSCH: Even just the working there and the blue collar [in Springsteen’s songs], that’s kind of how you started out—just going in there, nose-to-the-grindstone, so it really does kind of fit. Because we had a lot of that collaborative process on : “What if we throw Riggins something like this? But they said they want us to connect and make those calls.

Billy and Cody are left with a choice: crawl back to their friends and family as failures, or attempt to salvage their savings in the local oil game.

Among the characters the Lefevers meet along the way are local oil magnate Hap Briggs (Johnson), his beautiful wife Carla (Amber Valletta), and prodigal son Wick (Scott Michael Foster).

Crawford plays Billy Lefever, a newlywed Floridian who dreams of starting a laundromat.

On the drive up, however, Billy and his wife Cody (Rebecca Rittenhouse) veer off the highway, destroying their pickup truck and the uninsured washers and dryers strapped to the truck’s bed.

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