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Already a reference-book in all English-speaking lands, it will in its new and greatly improved form take a place from which it will not be dislodged. Sonnenschein is that in three hours' reading I noted only one error of grave moment. ITERARY World : " We are not surprised at the success of the venture, which has been very great. Speaking for ourselves, we cannot be too grateful for the assistance we have obtained from the First Edition, and we have to express warm acknowledgment to Mr. The plan of classification is the distinctive principle, and constitutes its especial value." — Daily News.

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S69 1901a Jest books 3 1924 024 892 881 Cornell University Library The original of this book is in the Cornell University Library. The more we have looked at it, the better we have liked it." — Athenaum.

No bibliographical library can be without the new edition, and there are few students and workers whose labours will not be lightened by a reference to its pages.

" Publishers' Circular : "This new edition of his admirable work almost amounts to a new book.

Sonnenschein for a work that, taken as a whole, is the most perfect of its kind in existence, and one simply of inestimable value to book-buyers of all classes." Literary World, Boston : " It was recognised on its first appearance as the most widely useful bibliography in our language.

He has now brought out a second edition, much enlarged, of which it would be difficult to speak too highly as regards its accuracy, comprehensiveness, and fairness.

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