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“Depending on how strongly and exclusively you identify yourself as an athlete, the psychological impact of being injured can be significant,” says Judy Van Raalte, Ph D, a sports-psychology professor and co-editor of Exploring Sport and Exercise Psychology (APA, 2002).

They’ve known the endless doses of ibuprofen, the mounting medical bills and the agony of relapse.Injured athletes may have an opportunity to pursue and develop other interests, and to put more attention on their relationships, says Doug Jowdy, Ph D, a sports psychologist who works with athletes at all levels in Boulder, Colo.“It can help break the cycle of addiction to physical activity and achievement.Perfect for visitors with mobility needs, the tour route will take flat and smooth pathways that are accessible for wheelchairs and strollers.We will also have three open golf cart seats available on a first come, first served basis for those with mobility issues.

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