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A drink manufacturer might supplement his income in this way.Over the years the process of drink manufacturing became more streamlined and drink manufacturing was performed on a much larger scale.In fact, the current spate of warnings is just another incarnation of a long running hoax that has falsely claimed that HIV infected blood has been added to various foodstuffs.Back in 2004, an emailed warning claimed that a man had been caught placing HIV contaminated blood in ketchup dispensers at fast food outlets.According to a Centers for Disease Control fact sheet last updated in 2010, no incidents of food products being contaminated with HIV-infected blood or semen, and no incidents of HIV infection transmitted via food products, have ever been reported to the agency.Hoax: HIV Infected Blood In Pepsi Outline Circulating messages warn people not to drink Pepsi products because a Pepsi worker has contaminated bottles with his HIV infected blood.According to a series of breathless warnings that are have flooded social media websites and also circulate via email and text message, a worker at Pepsi has been deliberately contaminating bottles of the popular beverage with his own HIV infected blood.However, there is not even a shred of truth to this silly story.

Furthermore, CDC has received no reports of HIV infection resulting from eating food, including condiments. Even if small amounts of HIV-infected blood or semen was consumed, exposure to the air, heat from cooking, and stomach acid would destroy the virus.

List what you have and I'll copy it in to this post as sort of a "master decoder".

This type of bottle was probably dip-molded and dates after circa 1820.

If true, such a story would have been extensively reported by news outlets all around the world.

And, of course, any potentially contaminated batches of Pepsi would have now been recalled.

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