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When Charlie and Lorraine arrive at the house and other family members go down the stairs to greet them, Kyle and Nigel (both wearing blue) are on the veranda.

In the next long-shot of the house, Kyle and Nigel are nowhere to be seen, then both reappear in the next shot.

I went home to my husband every night and was like, "don't even try". “How many hours did you guys work without stopping?” Hunt asked of the October fires.“Nine or 10 days,” said Jim Comisky of Sonoma Valley Fire & Rescue.The Thicker Than Smoke event, which kicked off Friday, served as a fundraiser for Sonoma Valley first responders who lost homes during last year’s North Bay wildfires.During their visit, Paisley and Hunt thanked the local fighters, even as the state’s largest active blaze, the Mendocino Complex fires, churned across more of Lake County.

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