Bob jones bans interracial dating

And one of the girls’ “literary” societies — quasi-sorority-cum-home-ec-and-prayer-groups — has asked Schimri to throw in a tie, to be drawn anonymously, for another date.Such happy circumstances would have been unthinkable just two and a half years ago.And then they eat, carefully, so as not to spill sauce on their ties.

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Religion is one of the most racially divided areas of American life.

Rather, the Greenville, South Carolina-based university has been seeking out minorities.

Beyond needing them to help scour its sullied image, it needs to tap a growth market in the business of converting souls, and in an era of increasing competition between Bible colleges.

It’s a jarring moment in the universe: One of the college’s few black students being told how to perform for a lily-white Bob Jones audience what it means to be enslaved in 1843.

I can’t help but wonder how the 11th grade curriculum will treat the era of desegregation, but no one else in Studio 5 seems worried about it.

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