Bob guccione jr dating

During the 1960’s, the rival magazine was widely criticized by feminists associations, who claimed it only supported women’s freedom concerning sexual relationships.Contrary to Playboy who often covered sports extensively, Bob Guccione's penthouse often focused on the art world.At the time, Guccione did not have enough resources yet and was personally responsible for photography of the models.Despite lack of professional knowledge in photography, Bob Guccione came up with a diffused, soft focus look, courtesy of his painting knowledge.At the time, he faced stiff completion from Hugh Hefner’s Playboy.As a result, he modified his magazine to have a more sensitive content with great investigative articles about government scandals and cover-ups.During his teen years, he got married to Lillian Becker. The marriage did not last for long, and Bob soon left for Europe to pursue painting aspirations.He then met a lady named Muriel, whom he married and settled in London.

He is best known to be the founder of Penthouse in 1965, which is an adult magazine.Soon the Penthouse magazines pictorials displayed more sexually explicit content about other male magazines at the time.In the successive years, most restrictions on the pornographic material were abandoned as a result of various court rulings, and there was a more liberated sexual attitude.During the 1970s, there was full spread sexual revolution.However, Guccione’s mansion remained sedated contrary to Hugh Hefner’s who often hosted wild parties.

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