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i Chatr launched last month, and in the past few weeks, job offers have been popping up all over Craigslist for video-sex workers.

Through eight blind dates, God did not change his answer. And if you read her book, I’m pretty certain he’s going to change you, too.

Given that, you can imagine my delight when I found out that she is also a gem of a writer.

In I Was Blind (Dating), but Now I See, Stephanie’s funny, tender, and insightful words take the reader on a journey that points to God’s faithfulness and kindness at every stop along the road. With the winsomeness of a “pit bull in a tutu” (her words), Stephanie opens her heart and soul to the twists and turns, the anticipation and disappointment of this daunting endeavor.

It takes wit and charm to do it in a way that reads so endearingly.

This book is a delightful telling of how God, in his kindness, allows himself to be seen.

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