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Crown courts hear serious indictable offences such as robbery, rape and murder.A judge has overall responsibility for the court with a jury of twelve people providing the verdict.Many Crown courts have not yet sent any indictment files to The National Archives and their records remain in the custody of HM Courts and Tribunal Service.For information about these records contact the Ministry of Justice.Some indictments are closed for extended periods, for example, indictments that identify minors, and are therefore not accessible.

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There are approximately 90 Crown courts around England and Wales and they include the Central Criminal Court in the City of London, popularly known as the Old Bailey.

Contact details for the Crown courts can be found from the HM Courts and Tribunals Service website.

To find out whether we hold the records for a particular Crown court, click on the respective link in the table in section 7.

Click on the links below to view the record series description – the ‘Access conditions’ will indicate whether or not files have been transferred from the Crown Court to The National Archives.

The Court of Appeal (criminal division) was established in 1966 and replaced the system of petitioning the Secretary of State for Home Affairs.

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