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Already, startups have begun to crop up, employing all the smart young folks in high-paying, emerging tech jobs. The city goes out of their way to make it easy for folks to spend their finest years among the lava rock, enjoying the seasons and taking in the culture.As the population tops 80,000 and housing prices continue to drop, Bend could be the next Silicon Valley. And even though the median age in Bend is under 40, the retirement population is sizable at over 12%.And while Bend doesn’t struggle with the air quality issues of large cities, controlled burns and wildfires can cause lingering smoke in the summertime.Interestingly, Bend is home to multiple local periodicals, including The Source Weekly, Cascade A&E, and Central Oregon Magazine, so you’ve always got some way to find out what’s going on. Big city folks may crave a place to occasionally escape — which can be hard to do, when the nearest town of over 100,000 people is Eugene.Which means there’s pokey lava rock all over the place and also a lot of historical information about volcanos and even a pretty rad theater/bar called the Volcanic Theatre Pub.

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Deschutes, which is now the fifth-largest craft brewery in the world, is in good company; with 24 craft breweries (and growing) in Central Oregon, you never have to go a day without a pint of the finest locally-sourced IPA available.The city earned the distinction thanks to its many off-leash dog areas, as well as pet-friendly businesses and establishments.Those who love dining alongside their neighbor’s dachshunds will get a kick out of the perpetual presence of pets.A combination of rustic and up-and-coming, Bend’s beautiful landscape, budding arts and cultural scene, and recently-affordably housing market has attracted plenty of young thinkers, outdoorsy types, retirees, and young families, all of whom have heard tell of this not-so-secret secret. Before you pack up your ski poles and tent stakes and head for the hills, consider the elements: If you know only one thing about Bend, it’s that the city loves the outdoors.Located in the high desert at the foot of multiple mountains, there are outdoor activities in Bend year-round.

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