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Simon put one direction together too–he picked the cutest of the leftover boys, and VOILA. Bon Jovi and Jamiroquai and Rihanna appear on the show tonight.

The great thing about it–they don’t even need to sing very well. Bon Jovi take the stage to sing “Living on a Prayer with the X Factor Top 11.

I feel called to post about Justin Bieber - some sleb was allegedly snapped mid-snog with the lad and now has death threats.

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perhaps such things are a result of the impact of hype and hysteria on fragile minds - just the kind of madness that XF seems to revel in.

Harry was Niall's best friend and they were like brothers. Maybe if Louis changed back to his old self we'll give it back to him?

Harry always stood by Niall and Niall always stood by Harry. " Harry said "sss" at the end because all the fans would like to date him. " And with that, Harry and Niall picked up Louis and through him in the pool.

Initially rejected at bootcamp as soloists in Series 7 of The X Factor UK, they were put together as a group and were mentored by Simon Cowell. They finished in 3rd place behind runner-up Rebecca Ferguson and winner Matt Cardle.

Aiden Grimshaw • Belle Amie • Cher Lloyd • Diva Fever • F.

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