Bangalore nightlife shy girl sex dating cursor for updating records

On weekends in the summer time day game options are pretty obvious.

Head to the beach bars like City Beach Club or Bora Bora Beach Club to meet girls, just like you would when trying to pick up girls in Odessa.

Don’t expect too much success picking up women in malls or on the street here, but its not impossible.

If you know some Russian that will help you a lot, especially when you visit other cities like Lviv.

Other good day game options are the Shevchenko Park which is located right next to a big university.

Girls will hang out here between classes, and the more educated girls will be more comfortable chatting up foreign men since they likely know more English.

They don’t get nice weather for too many months in these parts so they will be out and about when they have it.

Sometimes it can be better to go to the ‘foreigner hunter’ singles bars like The Bar where women are specifically targeting you.

Other times it can be better to go to places like UBK where you are one of the only foreign men around.

This way you may be able to kill 1 of the 2 or 3 required dates the women need to feel comfortable with you.

Or you can go out, get as many numbers as possible, and then set up some quick dates for the future.

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