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In looking through the it seems that the long list of Milan makers can be narrowed down to two.

Since Carl Fischer was involved, my first guess would be Romeo Orsi.

From what I have been able to find out, Bob played with the Whiteman band from 1938 to 1940.

This 1939 catalog cover shows Rudy holding the same trumpet.

Rudy Muck Jr said that after WWII his father was working for Carl Fischer and that at least some of the instruments were built in Milan, Italy.

Below is Muck #1739 then next is Bach #3382 from about the same time period. #1774 #1779 #1866 #1869 French Bell Rim models: This next group looks to have the same valve section as the Bach copies yet the top and bottom caps have changed and the bell rim has a French style which wraps over the rim another 1/8" back up the bell.

The lead pipe inlet changes and the water keys have a square saddle base. #1005 - this one seems to be out of sequence but who knows with Muck #2033 #2101 courtesy of Joe Alacqua - purchased in late 1957 - the bottom caps are not original #2184 #2187 #2386 - author's collection - vertical Citation with simply engraved US logo - this has two engraved lines around the bell which match the late 1950s Carl Fischer ad below At this time Carl Fischer owned both Muck and York so I found these two examples to see if the old York plant was the source.

I found this Fischer / Orsi trumpet which appears to be from an earlier era but proves there was a relationship.

Orsi is said to have made marching band quality horns but that was probably what Fischer was looking for in their Academy models.

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