Average age for teenage dating

Issues on sex should be one of your first concerns with your teenager, talk with her about the consequences of having sex and the possibility of even getting pregnant.

I really feel if more parents sat down and discussed this topic with their teenager there would be less teenage mothers, many parents are not comfortable discussing such things with their teenager and this is a big mistake.

When your teenager has her mind set, she is ready to start dating the best strategy for parents is to work with their teenager to come up with some boundaries.

Treating your teenager like an adult and not a child will go a long way with how well you and your teenager gets along with them starting to date.

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Sixteen is not a magic age either unless you and your teen are ready to talk about the ins and outs of dating.

Being accepted as part of the popular crowd as a teenager is very important for many teens, when a teenager is experiencing problems fitting in with the right crowd they often experience anxiety.

Many teens will become so anxious and overwhelmed they might even develop night anxiety attacks, this is often more emotional for girls with school dances and sporting events when they are the only one who does not have a date?

Threatening teenagers is never a good way to deal with alcohol and drugs, when parents threaten their teenager and the teenager does happen to get into trouble with either of these the fear of the unknown punishment their parents will do to them most often keeps them from coming to you.

It is important your teenager feels she can come to you with anything which happens while she is out dating, your love and support is what will keep your teenager out of trouble more than any threats you can make.

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