Autoupdatingcurrentlocale ios c programming validating user input

Whenever you say “internationalize” to someone who’s worked in Unix & Linux for any amount of time, they immediately associate the program “gettext”.In fact, gettext is so well respected that most utilities that perform similar functions are called “gettext utilities.” Apple is no exception — and while they don’t provide gettext in its entirety, you get a similar set of functions based around takes in a key, and a comment.

I have also tried the following, to no avail and with the same result: NSUser Defaults* user Defaults = [NSUser Defaults standard User Defaults]; NSArray* languages = [user Defaults object For Key:@"Apple Languages"]; NSString* preferred Language = [languages object At Index:0]; NSLog(@"preferred Language: %@", preferred Lang); For us the issue was that we were overriding the application language and application region in our dev scheme.Both have their uses, and depend upon the purpose and design of your app. Meet Me currently supports both Portuguese and Spanish.Portuguese has two variants: Brazilian Portuguese and Portugal Portuguese.I’d like to start out with some basic explanation of the i18n process when approached from an i OS developer’s point of view.Lets get this out of the way to start – you want to be doing i18n/l10n (localization).

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