Automatic updating website Xxxindo wabcam

If you decide that you want to perform safe updates, make sure that you have the premium backup solution enabled on your selected websites.

You need real time backups available so that we can rollback to your latest backup in case something goes wrong.

That means you can custom schedule for every single website on your dashboard, or if you prefer you can do it per client – it’s up to you!

There are two ways to program a spreadsheet to update automatically: every time the workbook is opened and at regular intervals that you determine.With event notifications, you don’t even have to login to see if your scheduled updates have been performed.You can choose to whom you want your notifications to be sent to, clients and collaborators can only receive notifications for the websites they have been assigned.Make sure you are on the "Usage" tab of the "Connection Properties" dialog box.Select the "Refresh Every" check box and enter the number of minutes you want Excel to wait between automatic updates.

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