Are chris booker and alycia lane still dating

Five of them on-air: Garett Argianas, Scot Haney, Mark Dixon, Ryan Hanrahan, and Darren Sweeney. He's nice to look at, but kind of flat in his delivery. I wonder how Sherri handled all those gay men on the show when she assumes only Thomas is gay because he is out. I was disappointed to see how paunchy he's gotten, since I too found him sexy/hot.And who is that terrible cohost they have in while Erice Hill is on maternity leave. Jeffrey Kofman Jeffrey Kofman is a London-based correspondent for ABC News. No, he was coatless, tieless and shoeless walking in the sand at Jones Beach - and you can see he's getting paunchy. Whoever talked about the Connecticut TV weathermen, besides the fact that we ALL know Scot Haney is in fact gay, how do you know the rest of them are?(He may swallow something else on a regular basis.)Chris Wragge (WCBS-2) is linked to Alycia Lane, Philly anchor who was arrested last week in New York for punching a cop while calling her a "dyke bitch".The case comes up in April, meanwhile Lane is "on vacation" from KYW-10. Andrew Nichols is the only queer anchor I can think of at the CBC.And I generally do like people with interesting faces more than Ken-doll types, so I doubt I would have let a big/bent/humpy/crooked nose turn me off. Are you just taking the opportunity to point out he's had a nose-job? She's divorced, he's separated."No, she's been dating Chris Booker, Philly DJ/ET Corresp. I found a discussion online about whether former DC weather guy Steve Villanueva was gay. he recently married and some people think that is proof that he must be straight.If Jeff Ranieri were not gay, that would be a big surprise.regarding Brian Curtis of the dfw station (Channel 5). They sure acted like a couple while shopping for their groceries. FOX 11 | Los Angeles News | | KTTV News, weather, traffic, entertainment and sports for the Greater Los Angeles area.

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He took a job in New Orleans maybe 7 or 8 years ago. I think he even posted here a while back, until he got scared off. His name is Todd Gutner and WBZ recently acquired him from a station in Maine.I do think a few "real" people we discuss get on DL briefly, but there are people who google and put together clues like rabid Miss Marples, and if those people aren't ready to be outed, they vanish. ), also of ABC News Ron Corning Steve Bartelstein (and the guy who took his place at Channel 7 in the mornings, Ken something or other)Sam Champion (of course)I wish Lee Goldberg only because I'd love to pound his hot little ass like there's no tomorrow Supposedly Fox news is behind many of the gay rumors of other news anchors such as Anderson and Keith Olbermann' from MSNBC. Tall, dark, handsome and quite the hottie, but he does wear a wedding ring.For Lane (if the offer is true), the choice might just be between working for the WWE and kissing serious news goodbye...or accepting a job in a small Midwest or Southern market.

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