Are allison krause and robert plant dating

She is married to an American guitarist and lyrics writer, Pat Bergeson.Alison Krauss was already reaching a peak of her career when she met Pat Bergeson back in 1996.

They have a son named Sam who was born in July 1999. After Walking into Clarksdale and the tour afterward did not make huge colossal inroads, I believe based on what I've read and seen that Robert wanted to try something else..something different became the Strange Sensations, especially the second album by them is very "Zeppelin" like in many ways, after a concert with back…Maybe ("Raising Sand") held us up from working together a little bit, but we got something out of it too." Caption: Alison Krauss and her band, Union Station.Alison Krauss stepped up to the microphone, opened her mouth and it is one of those beautiful voices that touches the heart.Apart from Grammy, she is also remembered for her melodious voice.Krauss is one of the most successful women in musical history.

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