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Many new methods have been developed in this facility using state-of-the-art instrumentation for analysis of these and other emerging contaminants.Elements often have different chemical forms or masses (i.e. Stable isotope analysis focuses on high precision measurements of naturally occurring isotopes of hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen.Since only a very small portion of the sample (approximately equivalent to 1/1000th of the volume of air sampled) is being analyzed, the sensitivity of the analysis is only moderate (although completely adequate for traditional workplace exposure monitoring).The laboratory analysis will determine the total mass of contaminants captured and report it as “TVOC as Toluene” (or other chemical species); concentration is calculated by dividing the mass by the total volume of air pulled through the tube.Read more about the dedicated instrumentation for our analytical methods below.Mass spectrometry is the most widely used analytical tool for environmental analyses due to their sensitivity, reliability, and versitility.Natural variations of the abundance of these isotopes can help discover the origin and flow of these elements in the environment.

A small microliter amount of that solvent extract is then injected into a gas chromatograph (GC), typically equipped with a flame ionization detector (FID).Traditionally, these methods were written to address workplace exposure issues, and the reporting limits of these methods are typically in the ppm V (mg/m3) range.Air is drawn through the tubes with a pump at a known flow rate for a known amount of time, with the compounds of interest adsorbing on to the charcoal media.The Water Sciences Laboratory is a 6,000 square-foot facility located at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's East Campus.The building consists of six laboratories dedicated to environmental mass spectrometry , stable isotope and noble gas analyses, and standard analytical methods for water quality each with instrumentation dedicated to specialized protocols.

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