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Booths are small and designed for personal enjoyment but can accommodate a couple at a squeeze.They’ve thought of everything with tissue paper being provided rather handily in a neat little dispenser for easy clean up operations! Where else will you find so many brothels, strip clubs. If your daytime program was packed with visiting museums and canal cruises, your nightlife should definitely include a visit to one of the brothels. Well, mainly because prostitution is legal in the Netherlands and it means that women of pleasure are also bind by laws and should respect rules and regulations.You can always order a private dance and enjoy the company of a red-blooded dancer with a tight body.

Perhaps the best known of all the city’s sex show venues, the Casa Rosso is situated in the centre of the famous De Wallen red-light district.

It’s best to take coins rather than notes and pay for your desired time before the window opens on the show.

The stage is just a few feet away from the booths and, because the stage rotates, you get a great view at all times.

Though no sex is performed, the venue’s performers are well worth a visit.

Described as eccentric, the first floor bar is full of scantily clad waitresses with accommodating smiles and first-class service skills.

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